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Planwork Creation is more than just an interior design firm. Aiming to be unique and stand out from the rest, we always look to improve ourselves in all aspects of service and product. We recognize that the renovation process is as important as the completed work itself, so we put in great effort to communicate with our clients in order to achieve what they desire. At Planwork Creation, we treat all projects with utmost importance and we strive to be attentive to every request that our clients have. Ultimately, we do our best in hope to present a pleasant and satisfying experience to every client.

Our Vision

A pure desire to deliver a one-stop service crafted by a committed team where the standard of professionalism is upheld.

Our Mission

To create a hassle-free and enjoyable journey with our clients through the process of renovation works. To meet clients' needs and always had their best interest at heart.

Our Process


On receiving enquiry on renovation work, we will arrange to call or meet you to understand your needs for the renovation work. For a larger scale project, we will prefer to meet up so as to understand more in details.

On this session, we will be listening and understanding your needs and requirement. Therefore, we will be asking questions most of the time and taking notes on your requirement. You may also wish to bring out any questions or problems that you might be concern of for us to analyse and provide you with solutions. Overall, we hope to have a highly interactive meeting for this session and understand exactly your requirement.


After the first meeting, we will work on the quotation based on your requirement. We understand time is important to you. Therefore, we will provide the quotation in advance before we meet for the second time if request. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the quotation before meeting.

On the second meeting, we will prepare some plans and details to aid us in proposing the ideas and designs we had for you. We will also explain and clarify on any issues you are in doubt. On request, we can also help client in renovation budget planning. Overall, we hope to help you visualize the complete work we are providing and clear on our plans and directions for the project.

Propose & Source

Upon confirmation of the project, we will work on the 3D drawings and guide you along with the materials and color selections. On top, we will also discuss over the design and color scheme of the furniture, kitchen wares, sanitary wares, light fittings, etc. which are usually purchase by the client themselves.

However, if requested, we can provide the service in sourcing these items for you and provide our suggestions as well. Service include liaising with suppliers and arranging delivery should you prefer us to help on sourcing them. Overall, we hope to ensure all planning and selections are taken care of and ease you from the stress of selections and preventing any items missed out.

Renovate & Report

Upon fixing the renovation date, we will execute with accordance to the planned work schedule provided. We will also provide site progress photos for large scale project to keep client updated on the work progress. We will inform you on any changes to the scope of work due to unforeseen circumstances. Overall, we hope to keep the renovation progress smooth and with minimum issues.


Upon completion, we will arrange a walk-through inspection and identify the defects. Rectification work will be arranged and completed within two weeks from handing over unless stated. Any further defects found after the inspection will be rectified within two weeks from the day it was found. Warranty of one year from the handing over date will be provided. Overall, we hope to keep up with our after sale service as we understand its importance to you.


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